Take a photo, make a difference with Donate a Photo


Introducing Donate a Photo, the free app from Johnson & Johnson that turns your photos into a way to do good. For every photo you share through Donate a Photo, Johnson & Johnson donates $1 to a cause you want to help—which does things like fix up a public park, get medicine for an infant, or help kids play sports safely. Get the app and start helping here: http://www.donateaphoto.com

Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. will donate $1 for each eligible photo uploaded. Each available cause has its own start and end dates and minimum and maximum donation amounts. See complete details for each cause at http://www.donateaphoto.com. Only the first photo uploaded in any day by an individual will trigger a donation up until the program ends or the maximum contribution amount for the program is reached.

Our aspiration as a company is to care for the world, one person at a time. Our YouTube channel provides you an unprecedented look behind the scenes at Johnson & Johnson, spotlighting the people, stories and causes that inspire us to care. 

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For every photo you share through the Donate a Photo app, Johnson & Johnson gives US$1 to a cause you care about.

Pick a Cause

There’s so much good to choose from. Explore the causes we’ve curated with trusted non-profits and find something that speaks to you.

Pick a Photo

Any photo. You can donate one photo per day, every day of the year. Pets. Selfies. (Pet selfies?) Yes. Because every photo counts.

Share on the App

Share your photo in the app and Johnson & Johnson gives US$1 to your cause. Then share it on social to get your friends in on the good.


  1. You are right
    Every child deserves a chance!

  2. This is one great idea to donate a photo to make a difference in the life of those kids. It's the first time I've heard about that.

    1. Yes, it makes giving and making a difference quick and easy and you can do it daily. Hopefully it will be availabel worldwide soon, then the whole world can participate and make an even bigger difference!


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