Syrian Crisis : Charity Navigator

Syrian Crisis : Charity Navigator: Find out which charities are providing humanitarian aid to the ever-increasing number of Syrians affected by the civil war.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) reports that with over half the population forced out of their homes, the nearly six-year Syrian conflict is the largest displacement crisis in the world. Currently, there are 13.5 million Syrians requiring humanitarian aid. Of those, 4.9 million are trapped in hard-to-reach areas and more than half of those are children. More specifically, the UNOCHA says that 411,000 children are living in besieged locations without adequate access to food, water, or healthcare.

Current Crisis
In the government’s efforts to retake the city of Aleppo, hundreds of people have been killed and tens of thousands more displaced after bombing has left entire neighborhoods in ruins. But there is some hope as efforts to evacuate civilians finally got underway in mid-December 2016.

How to Help
The Syrians impacted by the ongoing, bloody civil war depend upon humanitarian aid for food, clothing and shelter. The highly-rated charities listed here are providing these services and more (such as medical assistance and schooling for children). Be sure to consider what it is that you want your donation to accomplish and to find a charity offering that specific type of aid. To do that, simply click on the charity’s name and view its rating page (where you can learn about its Financial Health, Accountability & Transparency). Once you are satisfied with its rating, then you can go to the charity’s website (we link to each charity’s site from its ratings page) to learn more specifically about the type of assistance the charity is providing in relation to the Syrian crisis.

Learn about the criteria used to create this featured list of charities.

This list was last updated on 1/5/17.


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