Mom Transforms 1-Yr-Old Into Disney Princesses, Magical Photos Transport Her Into Enchanted World

Every little girl deserves to be treated like a princess. Disney movies have set the stage for little girls to be sent into a magic wonderland where they can dream of ball gowns, glass slippers, and their own “Prince Charming”. We’ve seen girls who bring happiness to children in hospitals by dressing up like Princesses and Dads who create a Disney dream world in their daughter’s bedroom. Now, one loving mother is giving her daughter the chance to be a princess forever with her own Disney princess photoshoot.
Little Emily was about to celebrate her first birthday and her mom, the photographer behind Outlasting Memories, wanted to give her daughter a gift she would be able to look back on for the rest of her life. So armed with replica costumes by Nana’s Sewing Closet & Lovers Dovers, the cutest hand-made wigs, an amazing mermaid tail, and some incredible backdrops, Emily’s mom set out to create the adorable images below.

  1. "My little girl is about to be one year. Like any other mother that loves her children, I wanted to do something special to celebrate," said Emily's mom.

    • magic
  2. Belle from Beauty & The Beast

    • belle
    • belle2
    • bell3
  3. Jenny from Toy Story

    • girl
    • jenny
  4. Wendy from Peter Pan

    • wendy
  5. Pocahontas

    • pocahontas
    • pocahontas2
  6. Tiana from Princess & the Frog

    • tiana
  7. Alice from Alice in Wonderland

    • alice
  8. Jasmine from Aladin

    • jasmine
  9. Rapunzel from Tangled

    • rapunzel
    • rapunzel2
  10. Snow White

    • snow white 2
  11. Esmeralda

    • esmeralda
  12. Cinderella

    • cinderella3
    • cinderella2
    • cinderella
  13. Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

    • princess
    • aurora
  14. "Yesterday you were my baby girl, now and always you will be my princess. I love you."


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