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Charity Miles! Move With Purpose. Earn Money For Charity.

Every Mile Matters! If you’re the type of person who likes to make difference, then we’ve got something for you...

KA-CHING! ($$$)
We’re grateful to be sponsored by forward-thinking brands like Humana, Johnson & Johnson, and Chobani! And we hope you will be too. We can’t do this without their support! Get moving with Charity Miles every day. Walk your dog, grab a coffee, go for a run, bike around the neighborhood, shovel some snow. You’ll help earn money for charity and feel great all day!   Choose from over thirty world-class charities! All of our partners are leaders in their fields.So far, we've earned over $2M for charity!! This Challenge Term (ending May 31, 2017), we’ll pay out our sponsorship pool (currently $500,000) to our charity partners in proportion to the Charity Miles done for each. For more information, please see our Terms of Service.
Even Small Amounts of Physical Activity …

Dr. Maya Angelou: "Be a Rainbow in Someone Else's Cloud" | Oprah's Maste...


"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud"


What J.K. Rowling Thinks About Donald Trump's Meryl Streep Jab

Take a photo, make a difference with Donate a Photo

Introducing Donate a Photo, the free app from Johnson & Johnson that turns your photos into a way to do good. For every photo you share through Donate a Photo, Johnson & Johnson donates $1 to a cause you want to help—which does things like fix up a public park, get medicine for an infant, or help kids play sports safely. Get the app and start helping here:

Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. will donate $1 for each eligible photo uploaded. Each available cause has its own start and end dates and minimum and maximum donation amounts. See complete details for each cause at Only the first photo uploaded in any day by an individual will trigger a donation up until the program ends or the maximum contribution amount for the program is reached.

Our aspiration as a company is to care for the world, one person at a time. Our YouTube channel provides you an unprecedented look be…

Syrian Crisis : Charity Navigator

Syrian Crisis : Charity Navigator: Find out which charities are providing humanitarian aid to the ever-increasing number of Syrians affected by the civil war.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) reports that with over half the population forced out of their homes, the nearly six-year Syrian conflict is the largest displacement crisis in the world. Currently, there are 13.5 million Syrians requiring humanitarian aid. Of those, 4.9 million are trapped in hard-to-reach areas and more than half of those are children. More specifically, the UNOCHA says that 411,000 children are living in besieged locations without adequate access to food, water, or healthcare.

Current Crisis
In the government’s efforts to retake the city of Aleppo, hundreds of people have been killed and tens of thousands more displaced after bombing has left entire neighborhoods in ruins. But there is some hope as efforts to evacuate civilians finally got underway in…

Climate change-Children of the Earth

Help reduce CO2 emissions and fight global warming! Plant trees for free by simply clicking on the link. Reduce carbon emissions and fight global warming.
Plant a tree with a 50 second view of this eco friendly ad.

When You Plant It Forward, You Change Lives.

When you choose the activity you want to support and click the "Donate" button, Brother will make a donation of one yen (about one cent USD) per click on your behalf. Click on the…

About Social Plastic & The Plastic Bank

Everything You Need To Know About Ocean Plastic For #WorldOceansDay by  | Jun 8, 2016 | Uncategorized | Understanding Ocean Plastics Is Key To Keeping Our Oceans Healthy Ocean plastic is found in nearly every corner of our seas; from the most remote beaches to the arctic ice. An estimated 4.7 to 12.7 million metric tonnes of plastic enter our oceans annually. If we take the mid-point that’s about 17,637,000,000 pounds of plastic every year, or enough to fill 5 grocery bags for every single foot of coastline in the world. If that alone weren’t bad enough, here’s a snapshot of what that means: There are an estimated 5.25 TRILLION pieces of plastic in the ocean.By 2050 we could have more plastic than fish in our oceans.At least 1 million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals die each year because of plastic pollution.Toxic chemicals accumulate in ocean plastic (sometimes concentrating at 1 million times higher than the water around it) and end up in our food chain. The commo…

From Plastic into usable fuel


What can we all do to help keep our oceans clean?Keep the beaches clean – We know you’re taking your trash home with you; so why not pick up a few pieces while you’re there?Reuse and recycle – Try to avoid packaging whenever you can. Carry a reusable water bottle and grocery bag then recycle whatever you can.Use your buying power to create change -&nbsp: One of the most effective ways to prevent plastic waste is making sure your purchasing decisions reduce the amount of new plastic being created. Recycled plastic prevents the need to manufacture new material, but Social Plastic keeps plastic out of the ocean. Social Plastic is collected in vulnerable coastal communities throughout the world. It creates income for the people who need it most and they make sure that pollution doesn’t end up in the ocean.
You can GATHER TOGETHER with us by donating to the caus…