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Care2′s mission is to help people make the world a better place.
The butterflies on our logo were inspired by a concept in physics that became popularly known as the “butterfly effect”, where one small change can cause a chain of events leading to large-scale phenomena.*
At Care2, the butterfly symbolizes our belief that one person can take a small step and make a big difference.
Butterflies are also fragile, yet they thrive in healthy ecosystems, as shown by the four butterflies on our logo. Each of these butterflies is a slightly different color, symbolic of the many types of people and various approaches needed to better our world. They rise from the green, representing our planet and sustainability, and move toward the orange color of our “take action” opportunities. Butterflies also represent metamorphosis, and beautiful change.
Then again, maybe we just like butterflies
However you wish to interpret the butterflies, we hope you find them inspiring; Since one person can change the world, just imagine what can happen when millions of “butterflies” unite on Care2!
* The “Butterfly Effect” reference is to a story about the flap of a butterfly’s wings in the Brazilian rain forest, that moves the air, that redirects the breeze, that alters the wind, and eventually leads to a hurricane moving up the east coast of America. A small change that results in an incredible outcome.


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